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Our Promise

Here at Jacobwise & Co, we pride ourselves in being one of the best places you can go for all of your tax needs. We will never lead you astray and will always put the customer first. No matter your background, we will always be here to help meet your needs. Whether it be help with business or personal taxes, we can ensure you that we will assist you every step of the way. Tax preparation can be a complicated process, so we are here to help make it go as smoothly as possible.

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Our Story

Our company originally started back in 2006 as a bookkeeping service. Eventually in 2013, I realized the value of adding tax preparation for the everyday consumer and small businesses.

In 2012, I personally discovered the pain and heartbreak that came from dealing with immigration, and as a result, we then decided to add that service to our platform as well. But no matter what service you use with us, we promise you it will not just be a “service.” You will not be a number, nor will you have to deal with online bots.

We are real people here for you.

Real People, Not Computers

Tired of having to deal with constant computers? Nobody enjoys having to go through a whole list of automated prompts just to talk to an actual person. Here at Jacobwise & Co, you’ll never have to deal with the frustration computers can bring.

You can rest easy knowing that your taxes will be prepared by actual professionals. We’ll carefully and personally help you with your tax returns, something robots can never hope to achieve. 

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Our Clients Come First

Here at Jacobwise & Co, we are all about helping members reach their goals with the best service possible. 

Insights and Guidance

Our in-house experts share their stories and offer information to help you navigate your financial journey.

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Meet The Team

Check out some of the team that help to make Jacobwise a great place.

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Jobs at Jacobwise & Co

Explore job opportunities with a company on a mission.

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Partner With Us

Want to start your own tax business? Partner with us and grow your tax business with our help.

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Become A Brand Ambassador

Are you currently a client? You can make money just by spreading the word about Jacobwise & Co.

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Our Partnership with Refund Advantage

Jacobwise has been a partner of Refund Advantage for over 4 years! You can learn more about them and what they do by clicking below.

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We Offer the Best Service Near You

We guaranteed that you won't find better service anywhere else. Jacobwise & Co will work with you no matter where you're located.

Being #1 In Providing Information is Our Mission

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