Tax season has finally arrived and it’s time to satisfy your curiosity with a Jacobwise vs. H&R Block comparison! If you’re like most people, you’ve been wondering which tax preparation service is the best for your needs. Well, wonder no more! In this article, we will give a breakdown of two well-known tax preparation services — Jacobwise vs. H&R Block. Jacobwise & Co provides a number of services, including personal tax preparation, business tax preparation, tax resolution, and accounting. H&R Block offers personal tax preparation, business tax preparation, and banking products. Both Jacobwise and H&R Block offer online tax preparation options, as well as in-person assistance. So, what are the other differences?

● Affordability
Jacobwise H&R Block
Personal taxes starts at $189 Starts at $80 + additional state fees
(amount undisclosed)
● Availability
Jacobwise H&R Block
Open all year round, can be reached
quickly via phone with no long wait times
Only open all year round at select
locations, can be reached via
appointment, but open at different times
each day
● Customer Service
Jacobwise H&R Block
One-on-one service, can reach quickly via
phone or online portal, no bots,
immigration service offered
One-on-one service, but not many
appointments available in a day —
walk-ins will be long wait times
● Experience
Jacobwise H&R Block
Over 13 years of experience in
accounting, taxes, and estate planning
Experience varies by tax professional,
you won’t know their credentials until you
meet with them
Jacobwise H&R Block
Rating: 5/5 stars Rating: 4.6/5 stars
Thank you for reading our Jacobwise vs. H&R Block comparison and we hope that this information assists you in choosing the best tax preparation service for you. And remember, here at Jacobwise & Co, we’ve got you covered!