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Consequences of Delta variant

Over the course of the pandemic, many businesses have been affected by the restrictions in all states of the U.S. making some businesses like restaurants and attractions to close temporarily and making amendments to follow new COVID-19 rules and restrictions.

With the new vaccine, individuals and business owners hoped to have seen a closer ending to this pandemic, but this has changed with the appearance of the Delta variant.

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Restaurant owners know that restrictions are going to stay and are worried that regulations will affect their revenue after they start to recover from the pandemic. They have adapted their properties for squeezing and seating on their outdoor patios, as well as buying screens to keep a distance between clients and employees. They claim that coming back to more restrictions will be a challenge for them. Even though people starting to go to restaurants more frequently, they still face issues like labor shortages, costs rising, and even the scarcity of some products. Problems that customers don’t see but are still there even before the Delta variant.

But this doesn’t just affect restaurants. If new restrictions are implemented because of the Delta variant and travelers asked to stay at home, attractions also will be affected again.  This is an industry that works closely with restaurants, due to the fact that this industry attracts travelers who are more likely to decide to go to restaurants for lunch and dinner.
With fall and winter getting closer, new variants may appear, and as a result, the government has a responsibility to take action and take into account all of these businesses and jobs that are in danger.

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