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So you are probably are wondering why we decided to name our company Jacobwise. As a matter of fact, we can pretty much bet that you probably have a hard time finding us in search engines. But we have a pretty good explanation.

The first part of our name, Jacob, is from the bible, he was one of the twin son’s of Isaac and Rebecca, and he tricked his father and then proceeded to steal his brother’s birthright. He was later given the name Israel and is regarded as thee most important figure in most religions.

So now,  you probably are wondering why we use the name “Wise”. Based on our prior experience and company niche we felt it best to associate our company with what we feel sums up what is considered the better choice, must would say the wise choice.

So now you have a pretty better understanding of why we named our company Jacobwise . And when you have issue finding us on a search engine just remember to throw in the word Co. Jacobwise & Co Inc should bring us up on most search engines.

Oh, and we were just kidding about the the Jacob part, it’s just our last name but you got to admit it made the story sound better.

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