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The Hybrid Office

Look around you small business owner,

things are changing…

For years, small business owners like myself have clung to the idea of having a retail or office location for a service business. But why? Why are we homed in on the idea of having a physical location, when in every corner of America, they are promoting software as a service. Let’s be real, when running a business one of the biggest obstacles is maintaining a physical location that is opened eight or ten hours a day. And the sad truth is, that some businesses are so reliant on their physical location to make money that they do not even attempt to even work on building an online presence. So can a business survive during an unforeseeable situation like Covid-19, even if we never had a situation like Covid-19, the answer is” you can’t “. However, was it possible for you to be able to take this hit a bit better if your company was prepared with an established online presence and that is an astounding “yes”. At this point, there are very few businesses that cannot move some of their operations online, so why the hesitation from some? Unfortunately, the only thing that seems to come to mind is cultural norms set by businesses from before the explosion of the internet and business owners appear to be slow to make changes to things that they are so used to.

This is why we here at Jacobwise & Co have decided to restructure our hours of operations to a more hybrid model. With the hybrid office we plan to actively combine the use of online and a physical location. Starting July 1st, 2020, we will start incorporating a three-day work week, where clients can come into the office and then we will be open three or four days solely online where we help our clients through our website or mobile app. We at Jacobwise believe that this will not only be beneficial to our staff, but it will also benefit our overall operations. We hope more service businesses incorporate this model and actually take up the idea of not just having an online billboard.

Geisha Morris-Jacobs

Geisha Morris-Jacobs is an accountant with over 13 years of experience in accounting, taxes, and estate planning. She has helped dozens of clients with clearing up IRS audits and past tax debts. Geisha is also the owner of Jacobwise & Co., a boutique accounting firm that specializes in helping small businesses grow their revenue and individuals create estates to provide for their loved ones.

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